A Story to be Continued

A story behind motivation in doing different business; dedication, loyalty, charity, courage and honesty are the milestones allowed the business to grow up and continue writes MTT’s story chapter after chapter. Machine Technology Trading, MTT is the protagonist of this story; an Iraqi story based, developing and operating in Iraq since 2007. MTT’s partner experience goes back more than 16 years ago when the first chapter of the story was written by serving a full range of Trucks, Heavy Machinery and all kinds of Special Vehicles and Equipment. The growing up market in Iraq and the big potentials of reconstruction became a challenge for MTT to expand their presence with a long-term planning and give the possibility for the story to be continued.

MTT is now a customer focused company providing an innovative and tailored solution for the clients and we are establishing with each customer special relation to be a part of the story that would never be forgotten. Several years of experience, some of that was black, some white and someother grey, gave to MTT the leadership of the market for Iveco and Astra trucks and special vehicles. MTT product’s knowledge is extremely deep and each unit is a contribution of the story chapters. MTT arrived nowdays to cover all sectors and applications from the Oil & Gas Field Sector to the municipalities, Civil, health and Industrial sectors with their product and quality solutions. In MTTs story there are many important participants/products: a wide range of heroes and stars for many applications and special purpose vehicles as Sewer Cleaner Vacuum Units, Sewer Cleaner Jetting Units, Water tankers, Fuel Tankers, Truck with lifting cranes, Recovery Trucks, Container Hook Lifting Trucks and Oil and Gas Heavy Field Vehicles.


To keep doing business in our country hoping for a brighter and safer future of our nation maybe not for us but for our children and the next generations to keep the story going on.


Local expertise, High level of engineering, Comprehensive products and Distributor agreements with major International Trucks Manufacturers & Heavy Duty Vehicles are the key points of MTT. MTT is committed to provide high standard vehicles joined with a dedicated product support. We are the only company in Iraq providing a high level of after sales service with qualified and well trained technicians and skilled workers. We are offering a large workshop facility and an excellent on-site service capability. We have a huge inventory of parts to be delivered in a short time. MTT is a well-known company in Iraq; we built our business brick by brick with a strong reputation and we always operates with integrity.

Finally if you like our story, try to be a part of it and let’s write together your chapter inside the book!

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